About Me

I began my college years thinking that I wanted to be a fine artist. At the liberal arts college that I attended, one of my requirements was to take an introduction to computers class. After that one class, I decided to change my major to computer science. I still had an affinity for art, so kept art as my minor. This background would give me a unique perspective on graphic design.

In my early career, I worked for a consulting firm that sent me out to work with several major corporations. During that time I was asked to join the Creative Support Lab at IBM as an in-house consultant. A few years later, I went to work for the DLS Group, a multimedia computer based training company. There all my skills seemed to come together, as I worked on a daily basis with programmers to create online training portals and user interfaces. I found that understanding the intricacies of programming helped me to deliver what was needed for the programmers to do their jobs more efficiently. I struck out on my own 20 years ago, and I still do work for many of my old employers and their clients, but now I get to enjoy working on a variety of creative projects. Web design seemed a natural progression for me, I find that website design and coding pulls from my background in both design and programing.

While I still have a love for fine art, you will often find me at an art museum or an art opening, I feel that I am most happy when balancing the creative and technical. I feel privileged to be a Colorado native, where I can experience the beauty of nature all around me. I live with my family in Denver and I am always looking for new creative outlets. One of which is making soap, but that is another story...

Why GingerLeaf? Ginger is a nod to my red hair and leaf reflects my love of nature.

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Update: I'm currently employed full-time as a Graphic and Web Designer, but am willing to take on small side projects. Contact me for a quote.